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About ITAM

Profile of ITAM

About ITAM

ITAM is a private, secular, non profit Mexican institution of higher education. Its mission is to contribute to the comprehensive education of students and to the development of a freer, more just and more prosperous society. In order to carry out its teaching and research objectives, ITAM aspires to the highest levels of academic excellence, while supporting a diversity of ideas and a community that respects ethnic, cultural, and religious differences.


Arturo M. Fernández Pérez
1992 - present
Javier Beristain Iturbide
Antonio Carrillo Flores
Joaquín Gómez Morfín
Enrique Moreno de Tagle
Gustavo Petricioli Iturbide
Agustín De la Llera
Eduardo García Máynez

Board of Trustees

In November 1967, the Asociación Mexicana de Cultura, A.C. [Mexican Association of Culture] created ITAM's Board of Trustees to provide it with a supreme governing body. The decisions made by the Board of Trustees are mandatory for all members and departments of the institution.

To become a Trustee, each member of the Board must:

  • Have a high professional, academic or business standing, in either the public or private sector.
  • Have moral integrity.
  • Accept ITAM bylaws.
  • Not be a full or part-time member of the academic staff or a member of the administrative or technical staff in the Institution

A member of the Board of Trustees has the authority to:

  • Dictate ITAM's General Bylaws.
  • Establish principles that uphold ITAM's educational philosophy, as well as its objectives and general policies.
  • Approve the creation, modification or elimination of ITAM's academic programs.
  • Authorize work plans, programs, and financial budgets.
  • Approve of all of the regulations that apply to ITAM's university life and activities.

The members of the current Board of Trustees are:

Lic. Alberto Baillères (Chairman of Técnica Administrativa BAL)
C.P. Guillermo Babatz ( Comissioner of Técnica Administrativa BAL)
Lic. Alejandro Baillères (Adjoint General Director of Grupo Nacional Provincial)
Lic. Javier Beristain (General Director of Afore XXI, S.A. de C.V.)
Ing. Juan Bordes (Corporate Director of Técnica Administrativa BAL)
Dr. Arturo Fernández (President of ITAM)
Ing. Jaime Lomelín
Lic. Tomás Lozano (Public Notary No. 10)
Lic. Rafael MacGregor (General Dir. of Valores Mexicanos, Casa de Bolsa, S.A. de C.V.)
Lic. Miguel Mancera
Ing. Raúl Obregón (Corporate Director of Técnica Administrativa BAL)
C.P. Carlos Orozco (Corporate Director of Técnica Administrativa BAL)
C.P. Alberto Tiburcio (Chairman and General Director of Mancera Ernst & Young S.C.)
Mr. Claudio Salomón (Corporate Director of Técnica Administrativa BAL)


All the programs taught at ITAM are registered with and accredited by the Secretaría de Educación Pública (SEP) [Ministry of Public Education] (REVOE).

In order to renew its accreditation as a member of FIMPES, ITAM thoroughly complied with all the requirements established by its Sistema para el Ingreso y Permanencia en la FIMPES, a través del Fortalecimiento y Desarrollo Institucional [System of Enrollment and Permanence through the Institutional Growth and Development].

On April 19, 2007, ITAM was recognized as a Simply and Solely Accredited Institution by the Permanent Resolution Commission. This means ITAM thoroughly met the 169 accrediting standards established by the System. No further recommendations must be taken. This resolution will expire in April 2014, and the next self-evaluating study process is due to begin in Fall 2012.

Furthermore, all Business Administration and Accounting Academic Division programs are accredited by the AACSB ( American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business ).

Our institution is a member of PIM ( Program in International Management ), of FIMPES ( Federation of Mexican Institutions of Higher Education ), and of ANUIES ( National Association of Universities and Institutions of Higher Education ).

The Masters programs in Economics, Information Technologies and Management are both recognized by the CONACYT Padrón de Excelencia ( National Science and Technology Council's Register of Excellence ).


ITAM has two campuses:

The Río Hondo Campus, where undergraduate programs are given, is located at

Río Hondo # 1
Colonia Progreso Tizapán
Delegación Álvaro Obregón
ZIP Code 01080 México, D.F.
Telephone: +52 (55) 56 28 40 00

And the Santa Teresa Campus , where graduate programs and certificate courses are given and where the research centers are located, is located at:

Avenida Camino Santa Teresa # 930
Colonia Héroes de Padierna
Delegación Magdalena Contreras
ZIP Code 10700 México, D.F.
Telephone: +52 (55) 56 28 40 00

Academic Divisions and Departments

ITAM has five academic divisions:

1. Academic Division of Actuarial Science, Statistics and Mathematics
2. Academic Division of Business Administration and Accounting
3. Academic Division of Economics, Law and Social Sciences
4. Academic Division of General Studies and International Studies
5. Academic Division of Engineering

ITAM also has 14 Academic Departments:

Department of Accounting
Department of Actuarial Science and Insurance
Department of Business Administration
Department of Computer Science
Department of Digital Systems
Department of Economics
Department of General Studies
Department of Industrial Engineering and Operations
Department of International Studies
Department of Law
Department of Mathematics
Department of Political Science
Department of Statistics
Department of Writing and Languages

These divisions include more than 239 faculty members who, in addition to teaching undergraduates and graduates, conduct research in their fields of expertise.


Our faculty is considered to be one of the best in Latin America due to their excellent academic credentials and teaching skills.

ITAM has the support of a faculty of 239 professors and researchers; 204 are full-time and 35 are part-time.

90% of our 239 professors have Master's degrees and 68% have Ph.D.'s from the most prestigious universities in the world. Moreover, about 20% of our professors are members of the Sistema Nacional de Investigadores (SNI) [National System of Researchers].

ITAM also has 298 lecturers who are well-known specialists in the fields they teach. They provide a balanced view of theoretical and practical concepts which are invaluable to our undergraduates in their professional life.

In 2005, our academic staff taught 1,000 undergraduate and graduate courses.

View a complete directory of our professors here.


ITAM invests considerable resources in both teaching and research. This not only allows us to understand the scope of the latest developments in each field, but also to know how to manage them. ITAM's academic activities are thus supported by the following research centers:

  • Centro de Análisis e Investigación Económica CAIE (Center for Economic Analysis and Research)
  • Centro de Economía Aplicada y de Políticas Públicas CEAPP (Center for Applied Economics and Public Policy CEAPP)
  • Centro de Estadística Aplicada (Center for Applied Statistics)
  • Centro de Estudios de Competitividad CEC
  • Centro de Estudios de Derecho Privado (Center for Private Law Research)
  • Centro de Estudios de Derecho Público (Center for Public Law Research)
  • Centro de Estudios y Programas Interamericanos CEPI (Center for Inter-American Studies and Programs)
  • Centro de Evaluación Socioeconómica de Proyectos CESP (Center for Socio-Economic Assessment Projects CESP)
  • Centro Internacional para la Investigación en Pensiones (International Center for Pension Research)
  • Centro de Investigación Económica CIE (Center for Economic Research CIE)
  • Centro de Justicia Alternativa (Center for Alternative Justice)
  • Centros de Negocios (Centers for Business)


Through its faculty and students, ITAM actively contributes to the analysis of issues of both national and international interest through research, papers, articles, and books.

Our faculty has published over 150 refereed papers in the most prestigious national and foreign magazines, as well as more than 100 books for national and international circulation.

Furthermore, our Academic Departments and students publish more than 15 journals, which cover a wide variety of topics.

Our publications fall into four major categories:

1. Journals:

ITAM's journals are periodical publications that cover a variety of fields where contributors are able to express opinions on various topics in a serious and critical manner.

There are also a number of journals published by students, ranging from opinions on institutional issues to topics related to the programs taught at both the undergraduate and graduate levels

2. Papers Published in Refereed Journals:

Research articles written by our professors and published in various refereed journals.

3. Books and Chapters in Books:

Published nationally and overseas by our faculty members.

4. Other:

Articles, conference presentations and publications written by our faculty that do not belong to any of the above.

View a complete list of all our publications.

Undergraduate Programs

ITAM offers 12 undergraduate programs and other joint programs to approximately 4,500 students, 59% of which are men and 41%, women.

Comprehensive Plan

ITAM is committed to providing its students with a solid scientific, technical, and humanistic background. We believe that this will allow them to develop the analytical skills necessary to deal with the challenges they will face in their professional life.

All undergraduate students take common courses in mathematics, economics, law, computer science, and accounting. These courses are given by professors from each academic department. That is, even though students are registered in a given undergraduate program, the law courses they take are the same as those for lawyers, economics courses are the same ones as those for economists, and so on.

Additionally, ITAM students receive a humanistic education through the courses given by the Department of General Studies (such as Philosophy, Problems of Contemporary Society, and History to name a few).

ITAM gives its students a complete education: not only are solid theoretical foundations taught, but there are also courses in which student participation is essential and where they are allowed to express their ideas and establish their own points of view.

Undergraduate Programs

The undergraduate programs ITAM offers are the following:

Actuarial Science
Applied Mathematics
Business Administration
Business Engineering
Computer Science
Financial Management
Industrial Engineering
International Relations
Mechatronics Engineering
Political Science
Public Accounting and Financial Strategy
Telematics Engineering
Other Joint Programs

Graduate Programs

ITAM offers 13 graduate programs and one doctoral program in Economics. In January 2005, the student population registered in ITAM's graduate programs rose to 704 students.

The graduate programs offered are the following:

Accounting (joint program with Florida International University)
Administrative Law and Government Regulation
Business Administration (full-time - MBA)
Business Administration (part-time)
Economic Theory
Executive MBA (joint program with Arizona State University)
Information Technologies and Management
International Management
Public Policy
Risk Management

ITAM also offers a Ph.D. program in Economics.

Continuing Education (University Extension)

ITAM began offering certificate courses more than twenty years ago. Nowadays, ITAM's Continuing Education offers more than 120 Institutional certificate courses, 7 executive programs, 3 distance learning courses, and various seminars offered to different companies, such as Peñoles, Palacio de Hierro, GNP, Siemens, Coca Cola, Banamex, and Bimbo , among others.

ITAM's Continuing Education teaches about 132 certificate courses a year and has around 3,500 enrolled students in them.

Summer Programs

ITAM also offers a set of curricular courses that undergraduates can take during the summer.

These intensive courses last for approximately six weeks and cover the corresponding syllabuses, allowing students to take classes in advance or study those courses they did not take during the previous term.

Academic Exchange Program

ITAM has a broad academic exchange program that gives our students the opportunity to study part of their programs abroad in various Canadian, American, European, and Latin American universities.

From August 2004 to August 2005, 140 ITAM students studied at foreign universities, and 141 students from all over the world came to ITAM thanks to the exchange programs.

The exchange program consists of giving students the opportunity to take some of the courses in their program at a university abroad, paying the same tuition as if they were taken at ITAM.

We now have Academic Exchange agreements in the following countries:

• Argentina
• Austria
• Belgium
• Brazil
• Canada
• Chile
• Colombia
• Cuba
• Czech Republic
• Denmark
• France
• Germany
• Holland
• Italy
• New Zealand
• Norway
• Peru
• Poland
• Singapore
• Spain
• Sweden
• Switzerland
• United States of America
• Venezuela

You may view information about Academic Exchange programs online.


At ITAM, we want to attract academically talented students. Therefore, our admission process is based solely on academic potential.

Our entrance examination is the College Board's Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) [ Prueba de Aptitud Académica (PAA) ], which assesses the candidate's mathematical reasoning and verbal skills. The students admitted into our Institution must get a minimum score of 1300 points on this examination, or a minimum score of 1400 if they are studying a joint program.

Tuition Fees and Financial Aid

Tuition Fees

The cost of each semester at ITAM is determined by the student's course load. Payment is determined by the number of credits the student wants to take. Every course is assigned a specific number of credits.

Scholarships and Loans

ITAM has a broad scholarship and loan program. One in three students receives some kind of financial aid to study at our institution or at the foreign universities with which we have exchange programs.

Students with a high school grade point average of 9 or above are potential candidates for scholarships, which cover from 10% to 90% of tuition, depending on the student's socio-economic background.

Another trait that distinguishes us from other universities is that the scholarships granted by ITAM do not impose any conditions other than academic ones. That is, we do not expect nor compel our scholarship recipients to work for us in exchange for reimbursement of their scholarships and financial aid.

Our institution offers various kinds of scholarships:

  • ITAM Scholarships and SEP Scholarships
  • Special Scholarships (the Baillères Scholarship, the Miguel Mancera Scholarship for Financial Support, the Nissan Scholarship for Engineering and the García Sámano Scholarship for Law)
  • Scholarships from prestigious companies, such as the Daimler Chrysler Foundation, JPMorgan, Procter & Gamble and Siemens, among others. These companies grant scholarships to ITAM students because they acknowledge the superior performance of our graduates and because they represent job opportunities for our community.

Career Center and Services

ITAM has an excellent Career Center , offering students and alumni the best professional opportunities in both the public and private sectors. We have agreements with more than 3,500 national and foreign companies that continuously look for and recruit our students.

Our Career Center has strict criteria for selecting employer companies, such as the company's reliability, the positions offered and the base salary of the vacancies. Its purpose is to give our students the best opportunities for their professional development.

Moreover, ITAM has a highly sophisticated online Career Center system which students and alumni can access at any time and from any computer.

We also organize the Recruitment Day, on which more than eighty corporations (national and foreign companies) come to our institution to offer positions to our students and alumni.

University Resources

ITAM has a variety of services which provides a full university experience for its students.

Raúl Baillères, Jr. Library

The Library's collection is intended to satisfy the need for information of ITAM's academic programs and the research conducted at ITAM .

  • A monographic collection of over 200,000 issues.
  • More than 1,400 periodicals that are printed and/or available electronically.
  • An online database of worldwide principal information systems.
  • 55 databases on compact disc.
  • Capacity for 988 students at any one time.
  • 26 cubicles for small study groups.

Gómez Morín Library

This library's collection covers the fields of law, economics, political science, philosophy, and literature (mainly Mexican and French literature).

  • It has 12,000 volumes and 1,500 periodicals.

Computer Center

We provide our students with the necessary resources they need through our general purpose rooms and laboratories for Instrumentation, Electronics, Networks, Microprocessors, Automation, and Telematics.

Centro de Investigación de los Negocios [Center for Business Research] (finance team)

ITAM undergraduate and graduate students have access to this center. It combines state-of-the-art technology in databases and financial concepts through a multimedia classroom that offers services, such as:

Datastream International
Reuters 3000 xtra
Infosel Financiero
FTS (Financial Trading System)


Industrial Engineering:

• Chemistry, Materials Science, Traditional Manufacturing, Melting and Welding, Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing (CAD/CAM), and Automation and Industrial Robotics.

Telematics and Computer Science Engineering:

• Physics, Electronics, Digital Circuits, Computer Organization and Programming, Microprocessors, Guided Waves, Signals and Systems, Microwaves, Computer Networks, Digital Signal Processing, Telephony and Exchange, Distributed Systems, Multimedia and Communication Systems.


Each campus has a bookstore in which supplies and textbooks can be bought at reasonable prices.

Medical Services

In addition to Medical Services provided at each campus, thanks to our mandatory Medical Insurance, all undergraduate students are insured in the event of a medical emergency.


ITAM offers the necessary computer and telecommunication services for its students.

We have a voice and data network, multimedia, facilities for videoconferences, online services and Internet (e-mail, FTP, access to databases, etc.).

Furthermore, we offer our students wireless connections at the libraries, cafeterias, and plazas on both campuses.

We are constantly updating our infrastructure.


The cafeteria at Río Hondo offers a variety of snacks and meals, and has two closed-circuit TV and Radio monitors, as well as a large recreation area. The Santa Teresa campus also has a fully serviced cafeteria.

Sports Facilities

ITAM has a gym, showers and lockers, rooms for aerobics as well as diverse exercise classes, as well as facilities for volleyball, basketball, and soccer.

The Sports Department coordinates and promotes ITAM's sports by providing technical and training assistance in the various sports our students want to play.

University Life

ITAM has always supported and promoted students' extracurricular interests, making university life an enriching experience.

Our students have created a number of student organizations and associations in areas that interest them. The following are just some of ITAM's organizations and associations:

The Sociedad de Alumnos (Student Government) includes all of ITAM's undergraduate students.

It serves as a link that allows our students and alumni to keep in contact with ITAM and their classmates so that they may continue to strengthen the network ITAM offers to members of its community.

Clic here to learn the new bylaws.

Asociación de Estudiantes Foráneos (Foreign Students Association): Thi s association includes out of town students, as well as foreigners, who want to involve new students in the university community.

Drama Workshop: Students from undergraduate programs who want to promote alternative spaces of artistic expression at ITAM can take part in this workshop.

Circuito de Radio y Televisión (Radio and TV Circuit): This group of students gives ITAM's community access to videoconferences, televised classes, news, music, and general interest programs.

Asociación de Empresarios (Entrepreneurs Association): This association aims at developing an entrepreneurial spirit through business, professional, and cultural exchanges.

Despacho de Asesoría Gratuita para Instituciones Filantrópicas (Office for Free Assistance to Philanthropic Institutions): This office was created to provide free assistance to those who need help overcoming problems of our society.

Alcance: This non profit organization is committed to providing social assistance to the university community. Members work with disadvantaged children, work at retirement homes, and at other institutions .

Programa Interdisciplinario del Medio Ambiente (Interdisciplinary Environmental Program): This program seeks to create a positive change in society by encouraging a lifestyle that respects the environment and is in balance with nature.

AIESEC: AIESEC stands for the French Association Internationale des Etudiants en Sciences Economiques et Commerciales , which strives for human advancement through international understanding and cooperation. This association allows our students to contact foreign companies and gives them the opportunity to do internships abroad .

The following organizations and associations are also present on ITAM's campus:

• Student Committee of Academic Excellence
• Debate Club
• Educational Link
• Omega Delta Phi
• A variety of student publications

* REVOES Undergraduate Programs: Actuarial Science 85637, 5/03/86; Business Administration 85404, 29/04/85; Political Science 934328, 31/12/93; Public Accounting and Financial Strategy 85405, 29/0485; Law 82924, 27/09/82; Economics 86637, 5/03/86; Applied Mathematics 85579, 8/12/85; International Relations 934328, 31/12/93; Computer Science 871359, 29/06/87; Industrial Engineering 972167, 4/07/97; Telematics Engineering 942007, 13/06/94; Official accreditation granted by the SEP.

REVOES Graduate programs: Business Administration 944006, 13/06/94; International Management 944005, 13/06/94; Full-time MBA 2001, 01/10/01; Executive MBA 01/02/02; Economics 86820, 13/06/86; Finance 944195, 14/11/94; Public Policy 944226, 22/11/94; Insurance and Risk Management 994062, 29/01/99; Information Technologies and Management 964028, 15/04/96; Economic Theory 2001, 07/01. Official accreditation granted by the SEP.

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