The Provost is in charge of the design and implementation of the strategies and procedures that rule academic life at ITAM. The Provost’s main duties are:

The implementation of the strategic guidelines delineated by the Board of Directors, regarding all degree seeking programs, whether undergraduate or graduate.
Supervise that the curricula adhere to the institutional goals and principles.
Develop and oversee the application of rules that govern research activities.
Design and implement an incentive structure that promotes the optimal development of the faculty.
Supervise the recruitment of new faculty members, emphasizing excellence in education and research.
 Encourage the interdisciplinary collaboration between academic units.
Develop strategic associations with leading universities in Mexico and abroad.
Promote the intellectual relationship with members of the public sector, the private enterprise, professional associations and the civil society.

ITAM’s Provost oversees all five academic divisions:

Actuary, Statistics and Mathematics
Business and Accounting
Social Sciences and Law
General and International Studies

Professor Alejandro Hernández D.