Welcome to our website! It was created to provide you with specific information about our university. Throughout it, you will find out more information about our educational projects, events, and the various activities our community carries out.

ITAM defines itself as an institution committed to higher learning . It is a private, lay, non-profit university. We advocate the plurality of ideas and welcome all cultural, religious, ethnic, and gender diversities.

Since it was founded, in 1946, we have committed ourselves to the development of higher education so that it becomes Mexico's main social and economic agent of change . Our mission is, therefore, to contribute to the education of professionals that will help build a freer, more just and prosperous country. To achieve this goal, not only do we stress rigorous academic, teaching, and research standards, but we also have the necessary human capital to make our mission a reality: our faculty and our students.

Our faculty is acknowledged as one of the best in Latin America due to their excellent academic backgrounds, teaching skills, and, above all, their dedication to supporting their students throughout their learning process. Our talented and devoted students adhere to strict academic and personal standards , and give a special meaning to our mission statement , as well as to our objective of preparing leaders to work in the public , private, and academic sectors.

We invite you to browse through our website so you get to know us and form part of our university community.

Doctor Arturo Fernández Pérez
ITAM President