Welcome to ITAM. The following information will be of particular use to you during your first few days at ITAM. We also suggest
that you read the Frequently Asked Questions and University Life sections.


When you register, ITAM will give you a series of courses that must be taken during your first semester. Depending on your study program, the number of courses averages between five and six. Since all the courses in a program are sequential, you cannot include additional courses from your study program. However, you can include those given by the Language Center (languages and writing skills), as long as you do not exceed the recommended academic workload.

ITAM Student ID Card

To get your student ID card, go to the office that is next to the Computer Center. Write your name on a list and wait for your picture to be taken. In a few minutes, you will get your student ID card. If you want a replacement, you must request one at the Administrative Office and follow the same procedure. In both cases, the cost will be charged to your account and will appear on the next account statement.

You must have this identification since you will need it to access many of the services ITAM offers: to take books out of the library, to use the computers, to have access to the Career Center, the gym, etc.


The Computer Center, Río Hondo campus, is in the Computer Science building (above the General Purpose Room). At the Santa Teresa campus, it is at Plaza level, next to the Office of the University Registrar.

To enter, you need to have your ITAM student ID card or leave your class schedule or list of courses at the desk. You will be given a card that has the number of the computer assigned to you, username and password. You have two hours to use the computer. If you want to go online, you can do so for an hour.

To print out your work, tell the person at the desk the number of the computer on which you worked and request the printed copies that you ordered from that computer. All students have a maximum number of pages they can print each semester. If you exceed this number, you can go to the bookstore and pay the corresponding fee so that the computer system can register the operation and the printing service can be renewed.

E mail - @itam.mx

If you are a student, enter http://comunidad.itam.mx/. After keying in your confidential student number and your PIN, the system will ask you to choose your account name and enter your password. There are accounts for which it is no longer necessary to key in your confidential student number or PIN number. If this is the case, type in your login name and password. If you have a problem, we can help you at ASI (Internet Services Management), located on the second floor of the Computer Science building. You can get your PIN number at the Office of the University Registrar.

Groups and Classrooms

For information on groups and classrooms, go to Control de Listas. At the Río Hondo campus, there is an office (ext. 4128) on the second floor of the main building and at Santa Teresa (ext. 2270), on the ground floor of the classroom building.

Paying Tuition and Account Statements

You can pay your tuition at any Banamex or Bancomer branch. If you need to pay by credit card, you can do it directly at the Cashier's Office. If you have any question, contact the Cashier's Office, ext. 1233.

You can also pay via Internet.

At Banamex: If you have www.banamex.com service, you can pay online. The first step is to register account number 50242-3, branch 870 in the name of Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México at a Banamex branch under payments to third parties.

Once the account is registered, you should make the payment as payments to third parties, with your confidential student number plus two reference numbers (these are two numbers that appear on your account statements).

At Bancomer: If you have www.bancomer.com service, you can pay on-line.

In the "Pagar un servicio /CIE" section, under giro or sector, select "Colegios, Instituciones y Universidades", then select "ITAM".

Verify that the agreement number is 3126-3 and the next screen will ask you to key in the following information.

Referencia: this consists of your confidential student number and two reference numbers. These are two numbers that appear on your account statements.

Concepto: Licenciatura (undergraduate program) or Maestría (graduate program)..

Importe: This can be the entire amount or part of the tuition.

You can pick up your account statement at the Cashier's Office (located on the same floor as the Office of the University Registrar) or in the same office where student ID cards are picked up (next to the Computer Center).


At the library, there are computers with library databases. If you enter the title or the author of the book you are looking for, the system will give you the classification number which in turn will tell you where to find it. The library bookshelves have cards that indicate the classification numbers of the books on those shelves. This will make it much easier to look for the book.

Remember, if you don't know where to look, the librarians are there to help you. Once you find the book, you need to take it to the main desk and show your student ID card so you can borrow it.


To access the databases, go to the data collection area on the first floor. At the desk, fill in the information on the yellow form (name, confidential student number, search information, course and name of the professor) and hand in your student ID card. If you have any questions about how to do a search, ask an advisor for help.

Once you have found the information you need, you can save it on disk or print it out. Pick up the printed copies at the desk, return the yellow form and answer a short questionnaire that will help us evaluate the quality of our service. If you do not have enough time to search for the information you need, you should fill out the yellow form so that the library staff can search for it and send it to your e-mail account later. You can also go to the library and pick up the requested information later.

Purchasing Books

The books you will use for General Studies courses can only be purchased at ITAM bookstorse. (They are compilations of material that is specifically designed for our courses.) You can also borrow them from the library. You should do the same if you need the workbooks used in several courses, such as mathematics, statistics, finance, etc. You can charge the cost of the full set of books you will need for the semester to your account.


Both campuses have parking lots. For students, on exiting the Computer Center on registration day you will be given a form. Fill it out and state whether you choose to make monthly or semester payments so that your permit can be processed. You later pick it up at the Cashier's Office. If you do not want a permit, you can also pay the daily RANVER rate.

If you are a student in second semester or higher, you can request a parking form when you come to pick up your account statement. You need to present this form on making your first payment.

Transportation Services

There is a free transportation service you can use to travel between the Santa Teresa Campus and the Río Hondo Campus at the times listed below:

From Río Hondo
From Santa Teresa

We also have an hourly transportation service that goes from the Barranca del Muerto and Miguel Ángel de Quevedo Metro stations to ITAM (and vice versa). The first bus from the ITAM Río Hondo Campus leaves at 06:20 and the last one leaves at 22:20. From either Metro station, the first bus leaves for ITAM at 06:40 and the last one, at 21:40.

From Río Hondo
From the Metro Stations

Lost and Found

You can go to Control de Listas. At the Río Hondo campus, there is an office (ext. 4128) on the second floor of the main building and at Santa Teresa, (ext. 2270) on the ground floor of the classroom building.