1. 1946

    With the creation of the Asociación Mexicana de Cultura, A.C., the Instituto Tecnológico de Méxcio (ITM), now known as ITAM, is founded.

    ITM authorities begin the process of attaining autonomy for the university

    The building on Palma Street is adapted to become the campus for the newly created institute

    Creation of the Economics program

    ITM begins with 22 students

  2. 1947

    Creation of the Business Administration program

  3. 1950

    Facilities move from Palma Street to Serapio Rendón

    ITM has 53 enrolled students

  4. 1951

    Creation of the Accounting program

  5. 1958

    ITM moves to Marina Nacional Street

  6. 1960

    ITM has about 500 enrolled students

  7. 1962

    Mexican President Adolfo López Mateos signs the Decree that grants the ITM the title of Escuela Libre Universitaria [Independent University School]

  8. 1963

    ITM receives its "Autonomy" and the title of Escuela Libre Universitaria. The decree is published in the Official Federal Gazette.

  9. 1967

    The Asociación Mexicana de Cultura, A.C. Assembly decides to provide ITAM with a supreme body of authority, thus creating the Board of Trustees

  10. 1969

    Establishment of the Comprehensive Plan, which changes ITAM's academic, administrative and organizational structures

  11. 1970

    The Research Center and University Extension are established

  12. 1974

    Creation of the Applied Mathematics program

    Creation of the part-time Masters in Business Administration program

  13. 1975

    Creation of the Social Sciences program

  14. 1978

    ITAM moves into its new facilities at Río Hondo Street

  15. 1980

    Creation of the Law program

    Creation of the Masters in Economics program

  16. 1982

    Creation of the Actuarial Science program

  17. 1983

    Creation of the Computer Science program

  18. 1985

    The Secretaría de Educación Pública [Ministry of Public Education] issues the ruling that allows the institution to be named Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México

    Opening of the Gómez Morín Library

  19. 1987

    Creation of the Masters in Public Policy program

  20. 1989

    ITAM has more than 3,000 students

    Creation of the Masters in International Management program

  21. 1991

    Creation of the Political Science program

    The Research and Graduate Program Center at Santa Teresa is officially inaugurated

    The Centro de Análisis e Investigación Económica (CAIE) is re-located to Santa Teresa

    Creation of the Centro de Estudios de Competitividad (CEC)

    Creation of the Masters in Finance program

  22. 1992

    Creation of the International Relations program

  23. 1993

    Creation of the Telematics Engineering program

    Creation of the Centro de Investigación Económica (CIE)

  24. 1994

    Creation of the Centro para la Evaluación Social de Proyectos (CESP)

  25. 1995

    Creation of the Masters in Information Technologies and Management program

    Creation of the Masters in Insurance and Risk Management program

  26. 1997

    Creation of the Industrial Engineering program

  27. 2000

    ITAM has approximately 4,500 students

    Creation of the Ph.D. in Economics program

  28. 2001

    Creation of the full-time Masters in Business Administration program

    Creation of the Masters in Economic Theory program

  29. 2002

    Creation of the Masters in Administrative Law and Government Regulation program

    Creation of the Masters in Risk Management program