ITAM is a private, secular, non-profit Mexican institution of higher education. Its mission is to contribute to the individual’s comprehensive education and to develop a freer, more just, and prosperous society. In order to achieve its research, teaching, and outgrowth endeavors, ITAM aims to reach the highest levels of academic excellence in an environment promoting the plurality of ideas and respectful of ethnic, cultural, and religious differences.


ITAM seeks to contribute to the individual's comprehensive education and to develop a freer, more just, and prosperous society. It also aims to become a community in its fullest sense, an institution of excellence and academic freedom, and a high quality autonomous research center.


Our institution's goal is to prepare and educate men and women that are capable of acting in an informed, rational, responsible, critical way, and committed to creating, managing, and shaping public opinion, institutions, as well as further works. It also intends that these men and women be capable of creating and transmitting knowledge of the highest ethical, scientific, technological, and professional levels, allowing society to become aware of its problems and contributing to their understanding and solutions.

Education Philosophy

ITAM perceives human beings as free and social individuals, engaged in the pursuit of human development and progress, and as individuals essentially devoted to the quest for truth and righteousness.

Hence, education, in general, tends to improve the lives of human beings through the enrichment of their best values, their growth as individuals, the development of their awareness and the increase of their civic capabilities. It also acknowledges their civic duty. As a result, our students become increasingly loyal to Mexico, to its values and traditions, which are understood as collective heritage.