The Coordinating Board is chaired by the President of our institute and it is our most important internal governing body.  It meets four to six times a semester and its members are

Dr. Arturo Fernández

Dr. Beatriz Rumbos
Dean of the Division of Actuarial Science, Statistics and Mathematics

Dr. Francisco Pérez González
Dean of the Division of Business Administration and Accounting

Dr. Alejandro Hernández
Provost and Dean of the Division of Economics, Law and Social Sciences

Dr. José Ramón Benito
Dean of the Division of General Studies and International Studies

Dr. Marcelo Mejía
Dean of the Division of Engineering

Ana Midori Franco
VP for Administration and Finance

Alejandra Peralta Borja
VP for Advancement and Institutional Communication

Magdalena Sofía Barba Fernández

Mónica Sacristán
VP for Executive Development

Catalina Jaime
Director of Library Services

Dr. Víctor Blanco Fornieles
Chair of the Legal Office