Our students have created several student organizations and associations to explore and fulfill their interests in many fields: academic, philanthropic, cultural and literary, among others.

ITAM also offers its students a range of sports facilities in which they can exercise and participate in competitive teams.

The Sociedad de Alumnos del ITAM, SALITAM (ITAM's Student Representative Body) allows our students and alumni to keep in contact with the institute and community, to continue building and strengthening internal networks and to establish a mutually beneficial relationship between ITAM and its students and alumni.

SALITAM is constituted by all students enrolled in our undergraduate programs. 

Clic here to know the new bylaws.

Comisiones de Apoyo (Support Commissions)they seek to promote the integration and participation of ITAM's community to encourage our students intellectual, cultural, social and physical development. If a student shows an interest in arts, ecology or communication, it can participate in any of the following commissions:

Asociación de Estudiantes Foráneos(Foreign Students Association): This association is made up of students from out of town, as well as foreigners, who want to involve new students in the university community.

Circuito de Radio y Televisión (Radio and Television Circuit): This group of students facilitates access to videoconferences, televised classes, news, music and general interest programs for the ITAM community.

Programa Interdisciplinario para el Medio AmbientePIMA (Interdisciplinary Environmental Program): This program aims at creating a positive change in society by encouraging a lifestyle that respects the environment and is in balance with nature.

Taller de Teatro(Theater Workshop): This workshop is made up of students from undergraduate programs that want to promote alternative spaces of artistic expression at ITAM.

Our students are also interested in supporting the creation of stronger relationships with Mexico's entrepreneurial sector and international associations.

Asociación de Empresarios (AEITAM) (Entrepreneurial Association): This association aims at developing an entrepreneurial spirit though business, professional and cultural exchanges.

AIESEC is the French acronym for the Associacion Internationale des Etudiants en Sciences Economiques et Commerciales, which strives for human advancement through international understanding and cooperation. This association puts our students in contact with foreign companies to offer them the opportunity of doing internships abroad. If you need more information about AIESEC, please contact us: aiesecit@aiesec.org.mx

Comité Estudiantil de Excelencia Académica (CEEA) (Student Committee for Academic Excellence): This committee promotes and recognizes the efforts made by individuals and organizations in order to establish ITAM's academic excellence. It also collects and provides data and information about our community.

ITAMMUN: is an student organization from different undergraduate programs (International Relationships, Economics, Actuarial Science, Business Administration and Political Science among others) whose objective is to simulate a United Nations Organization Conference. ITAMMUN strives for students to use the communications channels that this organization offers to question, analyze and offer new solutions to world problems. If you need more information about ITAMMUN, please contact us:itammun@hotmail.com.


Philanthropic Organizations

Alcance: its purpose it to create and promote a culture of social commitment among university members. It provides assistance to organizations that aid homeless or underprivileged children. For the last ten years, more than 1,100 students have worked with Alcance.

Centro de Acceso a la Justicia (Legal Aid Office): Law students, under faculty guidance, run a legal aid office, to offer free legal advice to low income people, regardless of their gender, age or ethnic origin.

Despacho de Asesoría Gratuita para Instituciones Filantrópicas (DAGIF): Law, Business and Computer Science students and faculty offer free consulting services to solve problems that affect our society to non-profit organization, ranging from advice on fund-raising, compliance with Mexican laws for non-profit organizations, or even creating webpages.



ITAM also has:

Debate Club
Educational Link
Omega Delta Phi



You can use the sports facilities we have at ITAM: a gym with weightlifting equipment, showers and lockers; speed soccer, basketball and volleyball, in addition to a multi-purpose room. Both internal and external tournaments are regularly organized. You can also register for any of the aerobics, dance and yoga classes, that are offered.

Students, professors or employees need only have a valid student ID card to make use of these services. The facilities are open Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 21:00 hours. If you need to use the facilities on a Saturday, you need to book in advance at the Sports Activities Office.


Newspaper and Student Journals

We have several journals and a student newspaper in which our students participate actively, writing articles, essays and interviews characterized by their freshness and analytic view:

Caeteris Paribus: Students publish economic analysis on local and international issues and articles of interest to all ITAM´s community but principally for economists. Caeteris Paribus is a free bimonthly publication. 

El Supuesto: Fortnightly newspaper that presents articles about life at ITAM and also about the most recent news and national and international trends.

Laberintos e Infinitos: This journal is published by the Applied Mathematics students.

La Gaceta de Ciencia Política and Ahal journal: deal with political science issues.

Gaceta de Economía: The Gaceta de Economía was founded in 1995 in order to provide a space to publish the economic ideas of the members of the ITAM economics community. This publication stimulates research work among professors and students, complementing the academic training received by the students. It also functions as a forum for debate on economic policy in Mexico.

Opciónis an autonomous and analytical journal, representative of a university community committed to the role it plays within the country and Latin America. It follows a humanistic line, highlighting the artistic development of each man and woman equally in its pages.

Urbi et orbi: This publication is focused on the area of International Relations, and covers the various issues involved from distinct social disciplines.

Vórtice: Vórtice is published by students from the Masters in Public Policy.