Lunes 11 de septiembre de 2017

Congratulations to our five alumni for being awarded the 2017 Fulbright-García Robles scholarshipCOMEXUS (Mexican-U.S. Commission for Educational and Cultural Exchange), creator of exchange, understanding, binational development and cooperation opportunities, is the organization in charge of awarding the Fulbright-García Rojas scholarships, which contribute to the implementation  of postgraduate studies, research and professional visits in the United States.

ITAM alumni, members of the 2017 generation of scholarship winners, are:


Undergraduate Degree in

 Scholarship recipients at

Roberto Ascencio Rojas

Political Science and International Relations

University of California, Berkeley

Paulina López González

Economics and Political Science

Princeton University

Cristina Mac Gregor Vanegas

International Relations

University of Chicago

Daniela Philipson García

Political Science and International Relations

Harvard University

Karen Hudlet Vázquez

International Relations

Clark University

Dr. Jara, SEP representative, and Ambassador, Agustín García Lopez, on behalf of the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, encouraged the scholarship winners to justly represent Mexicans as being tolerant, hardworking, innovators, and all-embracing.

The United States Ambassador in Mexico, Roberta Jackson, called on the winners to take advantage of this opportunity to show Americans the real Mexico, beyond stereotypes, and to show them the opportunities awaiting for them in our country.