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Oficina de Comunicación
Lunes, Febrero 12, 2018 - 12:45
Congratulations to Enrique Martínez y Morales for his appointment as CEO of FND

Congratulations to Enrique Martínez y Morales, our alumnus of the masters program in public policy for his appointment as the CEO of Financiera Nacional de Desarrollo Agropecuario, Rural, Forestal y Pesquero (FND).

Among his previous positions include the following: Adviser to the Deputy Secretary of the Treasury, Assistant Director-General of Business Promotion and Regional Coordination of FND. Moreover, he has served as Counselor to the President’s office, General Director of DIF Coahuila, and Deputy Secretary of Revenue of Coahuila State Government.

His other professional achievements include being the Nuevo Leon Federal Representative of the Secretary of Economy and Social Development, Representative of the LVIII Legislature of the Coahuila Congress, where he chaired the Committee on Economic Development, as well as serving as the Secretary of the Finance Committee.